Back Injuries – Management of Different Types

Back Injuries are commonly treated and can happen due to various reasons. According to well- known orthopaedic doctors working at Astra Hospital, rated as the best hospital for back pain treatment in Bangalore, back injuries can be caused by strenuous activity, serious accident, sudden jerk, fall or even horse riding. Back injury if untreated can lead to serious consequences including loss of ability to sit, stand or move.

Symptoms of Back Injury
According to medical experts associated with Astra Hospital Bangalore, the symptoms of back pain might vary from patient to patient. Though mild pain may disappear with rest, more severe pains might need immediate attention.

Doctors in Astra Hospital Bangalore indicate that patients with the following symptoms must seek expert opinion immediately:
  • Continuous Pain in the low back region
  • Continued tenderness in the low back region
  • Pain felt while moving
  • Pain felt with natural body activities like sneezing, coughing and even laughing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Numbness in the feet and legs
Types of Back Injuries
According to seasoned orthopaedic doctors associated with the best spine surgery hospital in Bangalore, back injuries can be of different types.

Sprains and strains
Injuries to the back due to a sprain or strain are widely observed among people. It can either be caused over time or suddenly due to pulling or twisting a muscle in the back. Consequences can be as serious as a ligament tear or even back spasm which takes a long time to cure.

Herniated or bulging discs 
As per very experienced doctors operating at Astra Hospital known as the best spinal cordinjury rehabilitation centre in Bangalore, a herniated disc can be quite irritating and can lead to discomfort and pain in the other parts of the body. A herniated disc is also referred to as bulging disc.

Fractured vertebrae
Vertebral fractures can be very dangerous as they can damage the tissues around the spine. If not attended to immediately, they can cause a lot of pain and completely limit movement.

This is a frequently heard and treated back injury. The pain due to this injury originates usually around the base of the spine. It is related to the slipping of the vertebrae which can cause shooting pain making it difficult for the patient to sit or stand.

Cervical Radiculopathy
This condition related to the nerve occurs if any one of the nerve roots is overly stressed. Untreated cervical radiculopathy can lead to loss of sensation in the neck, arm or shoulder area.

How can back pain be managed?
Several Ortho care centres have adopted innovation centres to manage back injuries. It’s not just the type of treatment that matters. It’s the experience of the doctors in combining medical expertise and skills in comforting a patient that is equally important. Spinal cord injury treatment physiotherapists in Bangalore are good at doing just that.

Different methods can manage back pain injuries that include the following.

  • Physical therapy:  Comprises of exercises depending on the patient’s existing health condition.
  • Use cold and hot compress:   The use of ice packs and hot compress has been the traditional method of reducing severe back pains for years.
  • Surgical management of back injury: Astra Hospital Bangalore has certain technology-driven advanced surgeries which have been completely successful in curing patients with the most complex back injuries.
  • Medication:  Medications are prescribed by doctors based on the complexity of the injury.
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