Brain Surgery Management

One of the most complex surgical interventions to manage is undoubtedly Brain Surgery Management. Such is the complexity of our brain that any variation in its functioning can lead to serious consequences that might even require brain surgery. However, according to the best neurologist in Bangalore, with advanced technology, there is hope after every complex surgery and Brain Surgery is no different.

What is Brain Surgery?

One of the most commonly performed surgeries is Brain Surgery which is a procedure recommended by neurosurgeons to address any serious brain disorder. This surgery is usually recommended for patients who suffer from conditions like brain tumours, brain haemorrhage, leaking blood vessels in the brain and abnormal growth in the brain.

Hence, any symptom related to a brain disorder should immediately be brought to the notice of a brain specialist in Bangalore.

The good news is that Astra Hospital, Bangalore, with the help of technology and an incredible team of brain specialists, has won the trust of many patients who have approached the hospital for Brain Surgery Management.

Who may need Brain Surgery?

Vastly experienced brain doctors in Bangalore associated with Bangalore’s best hospital, attribute that people with the following conditions might need brain surgery.

  • Epilepsy
  • Brain Haemorrhage
  • Traumatic Brain injuries
  • Brain Stroke
  • Brian tumours
  • Blood clot in the brain

Preparing for a Brain Surgery

Preparing a patient for a complex surgical intervention like brain surgery management is in itself a challenge. However, our hospital is well-equipped with excellent medical and surgical infrastructure. Supervised by some of the best surgeons for brain surgery management in Bangalore, the hospital leads by example and has performed a wide range of successful brain surgeries.

Before deciding on the type of surgery, your doctor will put you through certain tests that include,

  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Tests
  • Imaging Tests such as MRI or Ultrasound Scans if required

You will also be advised to stop smoking and discontinue any routine medications you are under; till the time the surgery is successfully completed.

After your Brain Surgery

Your rehabilitation program will be discussed with you and your family including the duration of your stay in the hospital. Your condition will be constantly monitored round the clock by an experienced medical team comprising neurologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists and nursing staff. As you recover in stages, you will receive medical attention to bring your speech, hearing and mobility, back to normal.

Brain Surgery Management is a tricky affair and needs the best in business to attend to you at all times. For a safe and systematic solution to any issue you have with your brain, please connect with our expert doctors who have successfully performed over 1000 brain surgeries.

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