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The Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Astra Hospital deals with treating and managing various disorders related to the nervous system, a perfect mix of medical and surgical excellence. Our Neurosurgeons, have redefined healthcare, by providing evidence based, sophisticated Neurological Diagnosis and Care.

The department has a leading and experienced panel of surgeons, doctors, and nursing staff trained in using the latest and advanced neuroimaging techniques. Astra Hospital is known for its exceptional patient centric approach in treating Neuro disorders pertaining primarily to the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves.

The multidisciplinary team at the Astra Hospital consists of highly skilled and experienced surgeons who work diligently to diagnose and treat neurological conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular disease, muscle disorders, degenerative disorders, cerebral stroke, migraine and chronic headache.

Our Neurosurgery department is the leader in brain and spine surgery, epilepsy surgery, advanced stroke care, head injury and more. We also offer neuro-rehabilitation for post-operative patients and accident victims.

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Dr. Sridhar R - Best Neurologists in Bangalore

Dr. Sridhar R

MBBS, MS (Neurosurgery)
Medical Director - Consultant Neuro and Spine Surgeon

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Dr. Sridhar R
Best Neurosurgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Sridhar is a well-known Neuro and Spine Surgeon. He has brought in a refreshing change in Neuro and Spine Surgery with his clinical excellence and subject matter expertise. Saving lives from critical conditions defines his brilliance and justifies the huge amount of trust his patients continue to have in him.

During his illustrious career, Dr. Sridhar has conducted many complex Neuro and Spine Surgeries. He strives to provide good care and bring back smiles on the faces of his patients. He has worked in hospitals of National and International repute, Sagar Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals and Fortis Hospital. He is well-trained in Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Discectomy Surgeries. He has been a part of many conferences, workshops and seminars holding national and international significance.

As a Medical Director at Astra Hospital, he continues to inspire his team with his phenomenal experience and depth of knowledge.

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The Department of Neurosciences at Astra Hospital deals with treating and managing various disorders related to the nervous system. Our department is focused on providing comprehensive and personalized care to patients.

Brain Tumour Surgery
Brain Tumour Surgery
Primary brain tumours begin in the brain and usually never spread to other regions of the body, while secondary brain tumou ... rs (or metastases) are caused by cancers that started in another area of the body. There are around 40 different types of brain tumours, which are divided into two categories: benign (slow-growing) and malignant (fast-growing). Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or steroid therapy, or a combination of these treatments, may be used to treat brain tumours. Some tumours can be surgically removed altogether (craniotomy). Local control and survival improve with post-operative radiation.
Brain and Spine Trauma Management and Surgery
Brain & Spine Trauma Management and Surgery
Brain and spine injuries often occur due to motor vehicle accidents, fal ... ls, and sports-related injuries. Some injuries may result from internal conditions like inflammation, infection, tumors, bleeding, or problems like aneurysms or strokes. Our hospital offers patients, the focused expert care needed to maximize the chance of full recovery and independence after a traumatic injury.
Minimal Access Spine Surgery
Minimal Access Spine Surgery
It is a kind of surgery on the bones of the spine (backbone). This is a minimally invas ive proced ... ure where surgeons make smaller incisions than standard surgery. This often causes less harm to nearby muscles and other tissues when compared to open surgery.
Stroke Management
Stroke Management
Our specialists perform advanced endovascular and surgical procedures to remove or dissolve blood clots and stop bleeding in t ... he brain. For people with ischemic stroke, our surgeons can remove a clot with suction catheters. Or, they may use a device called a stent retriever, which can rapidly retrieve clots as well as open a blocked artery and restore blood flow.For people with hemorrhagic stroke, surgery may be needed. The first step is to pinpoint the cause of bleeding in the brain, then control it.
Neurovascular Surgery
Neurovascular Surgery
Neurovascular surgery is performed using open or minimally invasive surgical techniques to tr eat iss ues with the blood vessels o ... f the brain or spine and spinal cord. Our expert doctors are trained and can perform both minimally invasive and open neurosurgical procedures.
Peripheral Nerve Surgery
Peripheral Nerve Surgery
Peripheral nerve surgery is done to improve function and reduce pain and disability in patients with peripheral nerve disorders li ... ke entrapment neuropathies, acute nerve injuries, and nerve sheath tumors. It involves re-routing healthy nerves to take over the function of the nerves affected by your injury, disease, or condition.
Skull Base Surgery
Skull Base Surgery
The skull base is a complicated and crowded area with different openings where many blood vessels, spinal cord, and nerves all pa ... ss through. Skull base surgery might be performed to remove both cancerous and noncancerous growths and abnormalities on the skull base, underside of the brain, or the top few vertebrae of the spinal column.
Epilepsy Surgery
Epilepsy Surgery
Epilepsy is one of the common neurological conditions which involves abnormal electrical activity in the brain, making a person mo ... re susceptible to having recurrent, unprovoked seizures. It is usually treated by medication, and in some cases, surgery and dietary changes are required.
Back & Neck Pain
Cerebral Palsy
Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease
Paediatric Neurology

Best Neurology Facilities in Bangalore

The Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery has World-class diagnostic equipments to medical expertise. Some of the key facilities offered by the hospital include:

Cerebral Angiogram / CT Myelogram / CT Scans / Nerve Conduction Studies / Radiology and Imaging Tests / MRI Scans / Swallow Study / Neurological Examinations

Advancement in Neurosurgery has Got Your Back.
We Treat and Manage All Types of Neurological Problems.

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Neurology is a branch of medical science that is concerned with disorders and diseases of the nervous system.
If you or a loved one has unexplained symptoms that could be related to the brain or nervous system, your doctor may recommend a neurological exam with a specialist.
Neurological disorders are medically defined as disorders that affect the brain as well as the nerves found throughout the human body and the spinal cord.
Whether a Neurological Disorder is fatal or not depends on the condition, its severity, age and health of the patient, and so on. Consulting Neurologists may be able to throw more light on the same.
The neurosurgeon can offer a surgical solution to neurologic disorders, while the neurologist identifies neurological disorders through diagnostic testing and uses non-surgical treatment options.


Dr. Sridhar is given us excellent support in explaining about my Spine condition and what are the available treatment including surgery options and medicine based recovery plan. The hospital premises is maintained in excellent condition and all the staff are very friendly and caring and respond to every request quickly and efficiently. My wishes to the entire team.

Keshava M J

It was a great experience at the hospital. My mother had a stroke attack for which she had been admitted to the hospital and Dr. Sridhar has given us excellent support in explaining the condition, responding quickly, recovery possibilities, treatment options, and thorough care throughout the treatment course.

Yashwanth BS

I got operated for my disc surgery by dr Sridhar at astra hospital and I am completely free from pain.. I want to thank all nurses in the ward for taking care of me even House keeping and co ordinators.

Khriul Sekh

I was admitted for spine surgery at astra hospital and was treated by dr sridhar sir. Hospital is good and I m free from pain. Thank you everyone

Wakil Aslam

We are from West Bengal It was great experience in Astra super specialality hospital dr Sridhar r very good doctors and in billing section Nandini madam very polite and good coordination in discharge time and house keeping also good thank all

Malay Halder

Don't Delay! Consult us for All Types of Neurological Treatments Today.

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