Preventive Health Check

Comprehensive Health Check Packages

Mini Diabetic Health Check Up

Not sure about your blood sugar level? Try our Mini Diabetic Health Check-up

Rs. 4500 Rs. 3000

Master Health Check-up

A healthy lifestyle also includes regular health check-ups. Trust our ‘Master Health Check-up’ package to stay informed about how you are doing.

Rs. 4500 Rs. 300

Executive Health Check-up

We know your body like the back of our hands. Help us serve you better. Take up the ‘Executive Health Check-up’ to check on everything that matters.

Rs. 4500 Rs. 3500

Diabetic Health Check-up

With our ‘Diabetic Health Check-up’ package, we can help you to stay in control, everyday

Rs. 4500 Rs. 3500

Cardiac Health Check-up

Your heart needs attention to. Know how your heart is doing, with our specially curated tests in the ‘Cardiac Package’

Rs. 4500 Rs. 3500

Senior Citizen Health Check-up

Special care for the elderly is easy when we know more about their health. The ‘Senior Citizen Health Check-up’ package is just right for every elderly.

Rs. 4500 Rs. 3500

Women Health Check-up

Women tend to ignore their health while fitting into their multiple roles in today’s world. Our specially designed ‘Women Health Check-up’ package is for every woman who deserves the best.

Rs. 4500 Rs. 3500

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